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This is the site of Vladimir Yagurtsov from the Igor Grishin’s book «Club of Go Amateurs».
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Igor Grishin book «Club of Go Amateurs»

Igor Grishin. «Club of Go Amateurs». Heroic book for heroic readers. Narrative covers half the globe and extends from prehistoric times to the present day. This is a book-challenge. Who will win in a deadly confrontation in an ancient and powerful artifact? And where is the line between a multi-way game and the insane reality?

The book is not recommended for children under 16 years, Foreign Ministry staff, members of the Commission on the falsification of history, the leadership of the Museum of Paleontology of Sciences, a former political consultants, some members of the Russian business community, the followers of the eastern quasireligious cults, fans of Japanese cuisine and Go players.


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